I am passionate about sharing the good news of the gospel. Specifically that salvation is not something we can add to or gain on our own but only found through the sacrifice of Christ! Which is mind-blowing. The pain of seeking freedom and never being satisfied is only fulfilled through the Lord and so shame no longer has influence, death has no sting, suffering is met with peace that surpasses understanding, and it pierces through every societal and cultural structure. It is God's work and all we have to do is let it work.


The Dallas music scene is pretty fantastic. I have a deep love for jazz music as well as local artists and you definitely find it there. Dallas is also much more diverse than the small town I am from in Oregon, which is so fun!

favorite tv/movie character

Squirrel Girl! She is a comic book character from the MARVEL universe. She is known as the "Unbeatable" Squirrel Girl and she has the ability to control squirrels. Even though she is not as well known and her power is kind of hilarious, she is one of the most humble, caring and strong characters in the Marvel universe. Plus, she defeated Thanos. Don't believe me? Look it up.


more about Whitney

Occupation: Graphic Designer/Marketing Strategist at Binary Marketing
Church: The Village Church - Dallas Northway

Website: wbrowndesign.com
Email: whitney@wbrowndesign.com
LinkedIn: Whitney Brown
Facebook: Whitney Brown