forming local missionaries

Awareness without action is useless. We want to push Christians into the city, as the Church on mission. We don't measure success by our seating capacity but rather by our sending capacity.                                                             



We are not a movement. We're a network of local missionaries. We invest in the only movement this city has to offer; the only force that can prevail against the gates of Hell, the Church.

unity in diversity

Unity isn't everyone doing the same thing but everyone doing different things in the same direction. In John 17, Jesus said the Church should be perfectly one, so we strive to bring Christians together from across different backgrounds to build relationships and be on mission together.


Millennials are known as non-commital, critical, entitled, loose-cannon slacktivists. We aim to be invested, optimistic, teachable, passionate Christ-followers. Our desire is to set an example for the believers regardless of our age, and the greatest role model for character is Christ.