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Most content on millennials aren't given by actual millennials. They talk about millennials the same way we talk about whales. They saturate parents, pastors, and business leaders with statistics on millennial's "migrating patterns" but give little insight on what to do about it.

Millennial Statistics < Millennial Solutions



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"By far the best consultants I've ever worked with, and I mean it.  Let me tell you why.

The spiritual depth of their suggestions were grounded in scripture and were centered on the timeless ways of Jesus in making disciples.  So much of what is written about millennials and church are about how to get them to go to your church, rather than how to make them followers of Jesus. Their strategy not only will last to the next generation, but will lead to genuine revival as opposed to just more church goers."

Scott Dudley | First Presbyterian Church Bellevue, WA