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What stirs your affections most for Christ?

The reading of His Word and enjoying the company of people. God saved me through reading the scriptures (particularly Romans 5, specifically verse 8). The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the gospel, to who Jesus is and who I am as God’s beloved son. I’ve come to know Him more as I love those around me. The scripture and being with others show me I am not enough and push me back to Him! 

How do you function as a part of your church body?

Currently as my wife and I are moving from Fort Worth, we are seeking a church home. Pray for us!

What does "In Dallas as it is in Heaven" mean to you?

A Dallas with love abounding. A Dallas loving the least together. A Dallas loving the hurting together. A Dallas loving the broken together. A Dallas loving the strong together. A Dallas loving the poor together. A Dallas that is discipling and being discipled, striving for unity, listening, learning, questioning, choosing life and loving their neighbor. 

Who has [most] helped you look more like Jesus?


She encourages, uplifts, speaks life, corrects and loves me so perfectly since God’s love is flowing though her. She teaches me to worship wilder, pray as big as God, turns my head to seek His face and not His hand and loves me through my many mistakes.