72 Girls' Director |

What stirs your affections most for Christ?

Three things come to mind when I think about what stirs my affections for Christ.

1) Time with Him. When I spend quiet time with the Lord and dwell on His faithfulness and think about the ways He has answered prayers, I fall in love with Him more and more.  

2) People. I love knowing and serving others and when I get to see the Lord move in the lives of others who I love deeply I praaaise Him!

3) Nature and good food. Maybe it's silly but I really love the Lord for giving us the gracious gift of cake and mountains.  Okay, maybe that's four.

How do you function as a part of your church body?

Currently, I'm still considered a new attendee at The Village Church but plan to become a member in January.

I'm praying, after becoming a member, for a small group to join and be faithful in encouraging one another toward Christ, challenging our actions and celebrating the work He does in each of our lives.

What does "In Dallas as it is in Heaven" mean to you?

It means that as believers in Christ we pray and run hard after Christ's will and take action for it to happen in Dallas. This plays out in a lot of ways, more than I should spend time on for a bio. haha

Who has [most] helped you look more like Jesus?

My parents and a select group of girlfriends here in Dallas.

My parents have been the two most consistent disciplers in my life. Always praying for and with me, reminding me to seek Christ first in all things