What are we going to do everyday while we are there?

Sunday night at 8pm we plan on going out in the city as a group. The link below provides conference times as well as all details for optional pre-conference events. All other times are free time to you. http://movementday.com/event-details/schedule/

What do you need from me and by when?

By August 19th we need you to put down your down payment for the room. Ideally, you can put down half of the stay by August 12th. You can get your plane ticket at any point prior to the conference because you will be reimbursed. You must be registered for the conference prior to September 1 st .

Will I get a refund if I can’t go?

There will be no refunds.

Will food be covered?

Lunch will be covered during the days of the conference. Other meals will be your responsibility.

Will I have free time to see the city?

Yes. At night you will be able to see the city. There will be a rooftop networking party for millennials on one of the nights. However, this is why we are going two days before the conference so we will have time to explore and enjoy the city.

Do I have to remain with the Group at all times?

We require you be with the group just during the conference.

What does the conference schedule look like?


What if I want to bring someone/can I make a recommendation for someone?

You may recommend someone; however, you have to run it by whoever invited you first to get the okay.

Can I book a hotel of my choosing?

No, you must stay with the Dallas group.


MORE QUESTIONS: olivia@initiativenetwork.org