Nicole Cain


I am passionate about teenagers. I'm 24. I grew up in church and began volunteering at my youth group when I was 12. Which means last March made it to where half my life has been devoted to youth and that every year from here on out, it will be over half my life. Which is pretty crazy. This isn't something I planned on or even saw coming but I wouldn't change anything. When I started volunteering at my youth group I thought I was just doing something that looked fun. I didn't know at the time it was the beginning of something. I didn't know youth ministry would take over my life and I'd discover that I would not want to spend my life doing anything else. I didn't know what God was up to but I'm glad He was up to something. I couldn't tell you the exact moment I wanted to be a Youth Pastor, I can only tell you it's what I've wanted for as long as my memory goes back. This is everything for me. My life has been set on this since I started when I was 12 and if I have any say in it, I will continue to devote my life to them until my very last day on Earth.

Aside from that I'm also passionate about my friends because I spent a large percentage of my life without any. Books because I've been reading since I was 3 and God has used books to impact my life greatly. He threw writing into the mix about five years ago and I fell in love with it very quickly. Nations came about four years ago after I graduated Bible College. I didn't think missions was for me but God put that on my heart too and now I barely remember what life was like before having a heart for the Nations.


I'm biased towards Dallas because it is the location of my college and friends and has really just become my home since I first landed here in 2012. But all in all I love that Dallas is a mixture of everyone. I grew up in a military town so there was always all different kinds of people. I'm used to there being a mixture of every type of person. And that's something I've also seen in Dallas. My hometown and Dallas are nothing alike but in both I've seen diversity and I'm thankful for that.

favorite tv/movie character

Probably John Keating from Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams played the part of the kind of teacher we all wanted in school. Since Youth is my thing generally my favorite characters are teachers or anyone else working with youth and going beyond just teaching them whatever class it is but helping them in every area of life. Because it's those kind of teachers that we remember and those kind of people who make the biggest difference in any person's life. And those are the characters I aim to be like when I become a Youth Pastor.


more about Nicole

Occupation: Bookseller at Barnes and Noble
Church: Antioch Church

Blog: nicoleacain.wordpress.com
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