DIRECTOR OF CITY ENGAGEMENT | michael@initiativenetwork.org

What stirs your affections most for Christ?

His Scriptures - the Holy Bible. The Bible is an unbelievable gift.

How do you function as a part of your church body?

At Mercy Street Church, I serve as a co-leader in our small group gatherings alongside my wife Mallory. My wife and I are also part of a small task force of members seeking to serve and disciple college students. Individually, I serve on the church's board of Operations.

What does "In Dallas as it is in Heaven" mean to you?

When I think of King Jesus establishing His Kingdom on earth I bend towards the realm of justice and social reform. I believe that for heaven to manifest in Dallas (or at least some of it!) means that the poor of our city are empowered to success and given more opportunities and support in light of historical disadvantages and malpractice against them, that injustices are made right, that the government and their officials are held responsible for crimes against the people, that schools are funded better and teachers are better paid and supported, and that there is more equal representation of all races in all offices of our city - businesses, government offices, non-profits, churches.

Who has [most] helped you look more like Jesus?

My dad, Keith McGee. His love for God, the Scriptures, and the representation of Christ that he led with as I grew up still effects me to this day.