What stirs your affections most for Christ?

My affections are most often stirred towards the Lord when I take the time to consider and marvel at the Gospel. It blows my mind that Christ CHOOSES to love us. As people, we're pretty much punks, but the magnitude of His patience, sacrifice, and love for us really blows my mind (in the best way).

How do you function as a part of your church?

I have about twenty people at my church that are the people who I seek community with, and mutually push toward the Lord. In this group my hope is to celebrate milestones well, bear burdens alongside, and to unceasingly speak the truth of the Gospel to them.

What does "In Dallas As It Is In Heaven" mean to you?

Alright, folks. Here's the deal. (I'm going to try hard not to write an essay here.) Dallas is a very 'churched' city compared to many parts of the nation. But, our city's problems are just as bad as everyone else's. In Dallas as it is in Heaven, to me, means that the Church (all christians across all aspects of culture) takes up the cause of pushing back darkness. Starting in their own hearts, moving outward to their community, and stretching to the city. That Dallas may reflect Heaven, and many would come to know the Lord through the physical evidence of His grace and mercy. Can I get an Amen?

Who has most helped you look more like Jesus?

I love seeing how Christ uses the body of believers to accomplish his will. He chooses to work through His people. And each person has unique strengths that they get to share with the world. That being said, there is not one single person who has walked with me to look more like Jesus, but rather many people who have taught me many things. Sheri taught me selflessness, Shannan taught me diligence paired with humility, Emily taught me mission, Isaiah taught me service, Chelsea taught me prayer, and Grant taught me discipleship.