72 PROGRAM DIRECTOR | jahmaol@initiativenetwork.org

What stirs your affections most for Christ?

What stirs my affections mostly for Christ would be my devotional time in the morning. Whenever God speaks to me through His word or through prayer, I feel as if I'm receiving sanctification/edification straight from the LORD. During those times I see God truly shepherding my heart, as He gives more and more revelation about Himself. Then being able to respond in worship by listening to worship music also stirs me to love Him more and more deeply.   

How do you function as a part of your church body?

I honestly think God has given me multiple gifts but right now I am over Connections. Because we are a new church plant, there are many roles to fill. Therefore in the future I foresee serving by helping lead worship through rap/spoken word and being a part of our preaching team.

What does "In Dallas as it is in Heaven" mean to you?

My hope is to see gospel-centered churches mobilizing their members to steward their gifts and resources to bring shalom to the city. I have a fervent desire for churches to be incarnational in their community, having their members live and perhaps work in the same neighborhood where they go to church, and as a family of believers, seek to share the gospel with their neighbors and seek the welfare of their community. Whether its a wealthy area or a poor area, there are different genres of brokenness in each community around the city that needs the Kingdom of God to restore, rule and reign over that brokenness. 

With that I also hope to see the wealth gap between the rich and poor decrease, which is not limited to but is most noticable between the North/South divide. My heart is to see believers of all races seek justice for those who are oppressed by systemic racism, not primarily as a political issue but as a biblical issue. I want to see the poor flourish and live out the shalom they were created to live in, as an implication of the gospel and Imago Dei.


Who has [most] helped you look more like Jesus?

Marcus Hayes has been the most influential in helping me look more like Jesus. He is the man who led me to Christ and was the first of many to disciple me. He not only effectively taught me how to live like Jesus, but I had the privilege to see him model it. To this day I have the utmost respect for Marcus as he played a crucial role in laying a foundation for me to walk on when I first became a believer. I am only where I'm at today because of him and the several men who have discipled me over the past 7 years.