219 for 2019

It has been an exciting 2018 for Initiative Network! We graduated 72 Class 4, launched 72 Class 5, and our Founder released his book, The Passion Generation. To date, we have had 219 diverse young leaders take part in our 72 program, and be launched as local missionaries across the metroplex. To celebrate, we are hoping you will partner with us for 2019 by contributing to our giving grid below! Each box represents one of the 219 people who have gone through 72.

Filling in this grid will raise $24,090!

Here’s How it works

Pick a box & donate that amount


once or


Monthly donations $10+ get a necklace


Want to give an amount, but the box is already taken? You can pair up multiple squares to get the amount you desire to give.
Let us know in the comment box which ones you’re combining.

Example: Olivia wants to give $104, but the box is already covered. She goes to the donate page, donates $104, and writes ‘33 & 71’ in the comment box, since 33+71=104.

Want to donate, but all the boxes you can afford are taken?
Find a friend (or two) to go in on a bigger box with you!
Let us know in the comment box which box you’re partnering on!

Example: Sheri wants to donate $20, but all the lower boxes are filled. So, Sheri recruits a friend to give $10 and together they fill the 30 box.