What stirs your affections most for Christ?

I’d say a really great meal.

Haha, but really. Ever since I was diagnosed with multiple food intolerances, I began a journey of discovering and loving food. It’s creative, it’s biblical, and it’s beautifully community- oriented. Honestly, I see my health (or lack thereof) as a tool of reconciliation with the Lord. As I have suffered with health, I have shared in the suffering of Christ. He is generous to use our fallenness as a means of intimacy. The last day, when we enter into the Kingdom, we will enjoy the most extravagant feast we could imagine. I like to think it will be filled with rich food, family, and laughter. If this is true, I want to image that while I’m here on Earth.

How do you function as a part of your church?

I’m deeply passionate about prayer, and believe God has gifted me to intercede and advocate. I delight in praying for my church, with my church, and over my church family. Every Sunday we gather to pray for individuals, our church gatherings, and the surrounding neighborhoods. I hope to be a conduit of healing, grace, and fervor as I pursue God’s heart in prayer.

What does "In Dallas As It Is In Heaven" mean to you?

Ah, this one is so tough to articulate. I believe the Holy Spirit is working towards reconciliation of Heaven and Earth every moment of every day. This work won’t be finished until Christ returns. As believers, we’re invited to participate in this work of sanctification, healing, and worship. Each look very different, but each are vital parts of the mission. The mission is believing “in Dallas as it is in Heaven”.

Who has most helped you look more like Jesus?

My mom. She’s abundant in her care and hospitality, quiet in selflessness, and faithful in unconditional love. This woman has showed me more Jesus, laughter, and friendship than I can measure.

My dad. He is humble, diligent and faithful, and such a backbone and provider for our family.