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Brandon Barton


Jackson Bricker

Bobby king


I am passionate about the "Capital C Church", for me this is paramount and is the reason I even started my business. I want the earthly Church to operate and function like The Kingdom and that is by being a united "Capital C".


You can say I'm the epitome of an "Arlingtonite" : I grew up here, lived here, worked here, and one day I will have my kiddos here. Arlington is richly diverse in cultures and experiences for all ages, and I know I can attribute a large majority of my success because of the people and community of Arlington.

favorite tv/movie character

I easily would have to say Shawn Spencer from the TV show Psych. This character is one of the funniest individuals to grace television in my opinion. I also relate to Shawn in a lot of ways, not necessarily being psychic but mannerisms and styles in different things. I also can't fill this answer out without saying the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith should be in the TV/Movie Hall of Fame (If there ever will be one), because of his role in that show. All I got to mention is one episode and its the one with Will talking about his father abandoning him and Uncle Phil hugging him... Man... chills just even typing this!


more about bobby

Occupation: Founder at Montgomery (A Media Company for Churches and Non-Profits)
Church: Lake Arlington Baptist Church

Website: www.montgomery.media
Email: montgomerydfw@gmail.com
Instagram: @itsbobsking