With our HARMONY event just around the corner, we wanted to ask our three worship leaders, David Terry, Dara Maclean, and Jonathan Flores what their thoughts are on worship.

Here is the interview.

What does “worship” mean to you?

David: Worship is being so aware of Gods grace, favor, and love that you are compelled to respond.

Dara: To me it means focusing all attention and adoration on the only one worthy of all the glory and the only one meant to be truly famous.

Jonathan: In the context of the Harmony event, I think that our laying aside of differences and unifying as HIS church is a powerful, visible sign of ascribing worth to who God is. He is bigger that our preferences or denominations. It is, in a nutshell, our acknowledgement of his greatness.

What does it look like when a church comes together in worship?

David: When the body comes together "with one accord in one place" (acts 2:1) we see the heart of the Holy Spirit through the power of unity... A modern day Pentecost.

Dara: Heaven. When we choose to unite instead of segregating through denominations, we begin to be the body of Christ. Unity is what causes the anointing to flow unhindered. (Psalms 133) Denominations won't exist in Heaven but our unity and our worship will.

Jonathan: Selflessness - our humility in the light of HIS majesty.

Do you think the church puts expectations on worship music? If so, how can we change that?

David: I believe the church has never seen a season of willingness to put aside stylistic worship preferences for the sake of community like we are walking through right now. I truly think we are living in a worship reformation right now. Not in the sense of style or genre, but in the sense of a generation of Christians genuinely seeking the presence of God and desiring to get to the heart of worship.

Dara: Sure. I think if anything is ever about majoring on minors instead of majors, then we will continue to let the enemy rob us of our true focus which is pouring love on Jesus through music that agrees with His word and loving people well in the process.

Jonathan: I think that every worship leader should make an effort to integrate various styles and formats of music into their church. Their should be a conscious work toward a collective understanding that our singing is not about us.

How do you imagine worship to look in heaven?

David: Worship in heaven will be similar to a high school prom full of believers dancing to a christian version of "I Gotta Feelin'”.

Dara: Like a party. Literally a love fest that blows us all away and is truly and ONLY Christ and His redemption centered. I believe the goal is to practice heaven on earth now in our churches. Jesus died as the second and perfect Adam to restore Eden back to us.

Jonathan: Celebratory and diverse - I see rejoicing as the spirit of heaven.

How do you think young believers can worship Christ more throughout their every day lives?

David: Worship, since it is a response, can't be forced or produced through any means other than drawing close to God in new ways each day. One of my favorite songs is "Never Once" by Matt Redman. The song states, "every step we are breathing in your grace ... Ever more well be breathing out your praise." 

Dara: Worship is a lifestyle not a genre. That is an instant mind shift for me. He is worthy of my attention and affection daily and first. If I will let Him, He will draw me to Himself moment by moment and in that place as believers, knowing we are His beloved, we will walk in signs wonders and miracles. The greater works through the imitate power of the Holy Spirit

Jonathan: In fear of sounding trite, I would simply say to love. Love without strings attached or an active motive can be a powerful thing and I fear that too often our love is filtered through a selfish lense...in a number of ways. We could, in no greater way, be more like Christ than to love all without condition.

Is there a song that has impacted your spiritual life in a memorable way?

David: The song "Great Great God" written by David Moore at Gateway worship is a powerful song. It has been my anthem for this season of my life because it is a song that at the core, focuses entirely on the incredibly great God we serve despite our circumstances or situations.

Dara: "What A Friend I've Found" & "Lord You're Beautiful" wreck me. The focus is simply on Jesus and His beauty. When I'm gazing there, I discover truth everywhere. "One thing have I asked of the LORD, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD" (Psalms 27:4)

Jonathan: Made Me Glad by Hillsong - seems to be my go-to song when I need to be reminded of who God is to me.

HARMONY is a unified prayer and worship event for young adults in Greater Dallas.

It is Monday, November 17th from 6:30pm - 9pm at Munger Place Church.