Here at INITIATIVE our mission is to be culture changers. We can't change culture if we don't first get a read on what other people are saying about Christianity or Christians. In today's culture check we interviewed Alex, a millennial male, to get his view on the church today.

What are some of the things that make it hard for you to become a Christian?

I was a Christian at one point in my life. I was raised Baptist and went to church often. I remember being baptized twice, in fact. I used to pray all the time and often felt God's presence or love.
At around 8 years old I started asking questions. Things like: Why doesn't God talk to us like he talked to the people in the bible? Why are there so many religions in the world? Why does God let bad things happen to people? When I say bad things about God why doesn't he punish me? What happens to baby souls when they die? Does God create souls for the living and if so, why give them the choice to believe or be punished?
No one had these answers. All they could say was that I should have faith in God. I would say it's hard to become Christian because the very foundation is dependent on blind faith and I'm incapable of that.

Do you like hanging out with Christians? If not, What makes you uncomfortable when hanging around Christians?

I don't particularly enjoy hanging out with a group of people brought together by and for religious beliefs regardless of their denomination. When the subject of conversation becomes the intricacies of their beliefs, I find it very hard to participate and stay engaged. I feel it's better for the group if I weren't there at all. Individually, I would hang out with anyone if they were interesting enough! I hang out with my wife all the time and she's super Christian. We even discuss God and her feelings that come from her beliefs. I always encourage her to explore these feelings and talk to me about them anytime.

What is that one thing you wish Christians could do better?

There are some folks that make faith a competition. They may not do it consciously but it certainly happens. It's almost as if they value their self worth based on how much faith they have. These are the people that chastise and judge others for not going the extra mile for God. These are people that consider themselves better Christians than their friends and family. It's almost like competing for the love of a parent. I wish these sorts of Christians would be more selfless and see the value of spreading God's love through kindness and openness. It couldn't hurt to have a few more good people in the world regardless of their beliefs.


Tiffany Burlingame

Stories Team