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DEADLINE | Applications close August 1, 2017
RESULTS | 72 Class will be announced on August 14, 2017
 CLASS LENGTH | September 8, 2017 - March 30, 2018
FEE | $50 upon acceptance
RETREAT | Initiation Weekend Retreat is September 8-10, 2017

Name *
Phone *
If you are currently unemployed please list what you invest your time in. If you are a student, please list what institution you are at.
What is your story of surrendering your life to follow Jesus and how has your life changed because of Him?
If you are discipling someone, who is it? What does it look like? (This isn't required to enter the program)
If you are being discipled or mentored by someone, who is it? (This isn't required to enter the program)
Pastor, usher, children's ministry deacon, missions...etc.
If you cannot attend, please explain "why" below.
This event is required to be accepted into our program. This retreat begins on Friday, September 8 at 7pm and lasts until Sunday, September 10 at 3pm. If you have conflicts or inquiries, please contact 72 staff at
Find out more about our fall internship program at
Please provide the name and role/position of a pastor, church staff member, church deacon/elder, or small group leader from your current church.
Please provide the name and occupation of a leader who knows you well. Please notify them that a reference will come their way.
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