"When you’re stepping out and doing what seems crazy to many, it’s comforting to have people who also think its normal to try and change the world. The relationships gained in 72 served as meaningful friendships, volunteers, and advisors for my start-up ministry. 72 also edified me spiritually and allowed me to see areas in my life that I needed to mature in."

- Jahmaol Clark

"I find such joy in seeing the church unite through racial reconciliation. When I went to my first 72 event, it was refreshing to walk into a body of people that didn't look the same and who were excited that we didn't all look the same. God did not make us with the intent to love him separately."

- Hannah Barnett

"72 is an amazing community pursuing their personal life goals while connecting with each other to change the culture around us. 72 helped me in a variety of ways such as public speaking and community awareness. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to join 72 and to see how it stretched me to be more vocal and confident in leading." 

- Jonathan Jones


DEADLINE | Applications close August 10, 2017
RESULTS | 72 Class will be announced on August 21, 2017
 CLASS LENGTH | September 8, 2017 - March 30, 2018
FEE | $72 for applications submitted before August 1st. $100 after
RETREAT | Initiation Weekend Retreat is September 8-10, 2017


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